Digital print  

  • With the accelerated development of modern methods of printing comes to the fore digital printing. It enables an image to be sent directly to the printer using digital files. The tehnology allows savings in material and time, so digital printing is especially suitable when you need printed materials quickly.
  • Due to the use of Mutoh ValueJet printer we offer digital eco-solvent printing, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its advantages lie in the durability of the printing, especially outdoors (it it persists for up to three years, so there is no need for extra protection from external influences) and vividness of the colors. It allows printing on large formats as well as various materials (different types of paper, self-adhesive foil, textile canvases, specialty media for illuminated signs, PVC banners and so on).
  • Product printed this way can be fastened to a variety of different materials. Should you wish it, we can also laminate printed matters in a smaller format.

We offer  

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