Building documentation  

      We can produce documentation of:

    • conceptual design, with which you will acquire the project conditions and approvals for the connection. Conceptual design comprises a leading folder (which includes general information about the facility and approvals, information on the manufacturers of the project and location datas) and architectural plans showing the connections to the economic public infrastructure.
    • preliminary design, by which architect presents several versions of the project to the investor. Investor then together with the architect chooses the best possible solution on the basis of his living habits and desires. Preliminary design is used as a lining for the production of further phases of the project documentation. The project includes placement in space on the basis of geodetic track, floor layout and display appearance.
    • the project for the acquisition of the building permit, by which you acquire a building permit at the administative unit. In addition to the leading folder and the architectural plans, the project for the acquisition of the building permit also includes plans for building constructions and other construction plans (plan of watter supply, sewerage and road connections, plan of electrical and mechanical installations and equipments and so on).
    • the project for implementation, which with the help of detailed plans, additional calculations and work inventory forsees all of necessary materials and works in a particular field. At this stage our architect will help you to select the contractors for specific areas as well as to select the materials for the intended facility.
    • the project of the derivative works (which is complemented by a display of all derivative works and any changes that have occurred during the construction) is required to obtain an operating permit.
      In addition of the project documentation our company can guide you throughout the administrative process from the beginning to the end.