• Scene settings
      Would you like to create a pleasant environment for your potential customer or merely a visitor of and event you are preparing? Ambience that will make him feel comfortable and will at the same time represent the idea that you are trying to communicate. We either help you to achieve that or we entirely create the scenery for a range of events. According to your ideas and interests, we set up all that is needed to carry out an unforgettable fashion show, meeting, solemn jubilee, promotional event or exhibition. We have rich experience in this field of activity and therefore we believe that together we could create a unique event that will make your brand unforgettable for all who attend your event.
    • Interior decoration
      Do you agree that an attractive and interesting shop-window is the key factor for a customer to come into your store? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. We offer you help and a wholesome image of esthetical solution for designing and decorating of your shop window. Besides the window display, we help you to set up a pleasant appearance of the interior of your store, which will keep the customers coming back.

    • Festive decorations
      Would you like to break-up the ordinary appearance of your business premises and at the same time decorate it in holiday season? We also have a solution for that! According to the corresponding holiday season, we can make and set up different decorative items, which will help your business premises become fairy-tale-like.