Fair Engineering

Together with the customer, we try to realize the project for the exhibition space according to his wishes and our ideas based on a successful and innovative approach.


Design of residential, commercial, industrial and low-energy (passive) facilities, procuring the building and operating permits, urban planning, exterior arrangement, 3D visualization and consultancy on…

Making Graphics

Car wrapping is an excellent promotional move that is becoming a more and more popular option for all those who want to become more visible and recognizable.

Advertising Boards

We are aware of the importance of new modes of communication with clients and also of the fact that an advertisement sign is the first image the client will memorize of your company.

Graphic Design

You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression and that is the reason why the visual image of your company is so important, even more that it seems on the first sight.

Digital Printing

The digital print is the most up-to date mode of printing that ensures a shorter delivery term of production, higher quality and the choice of various materials.